too much candy gonna rot your soul


"Tom Hiddleston sent me the riding crop"

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(breaks into your house) can i pet your dogs


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amorphinetoast asked: So I noticed some of the fanart you post are reposts? That's not good and maybe you should credit the artists or take them down?

um, I don’t think there would be any repost here, no. if you mean that you can find them on DA under the name of Harciczukor (HardCandy), than that’s also me :)  sorry if I coused a bit of a trouble with using 2 different names, but these are all my arts :)


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no. freaking dorks. why must u do this. bye.

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A japanese themed Hannigram with kimonos hmmmmm ilovekimonos.

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Same person

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The shortest tumblr horror story


You go downstairs to get some food and meet your parents in the kitchen, you hear them tell a surprisingly funny joke that you’ve heard of before and decide to join in.

You: “Hahaha i heard that joke on the internet, i loved it!”

Parents: “Yeah, i know, i saw it on your tumblr”

me: i'm gonna make you mine
me: *right click, save image as*
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